COVERT, I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your ground blind. In the past I have used a ground blind 3 times as expensive figuring I was using the best on the market with all the hype. I used yours for the 1st time a couple years ago and I have to tell you, your blind is not only a fraction of the cost, it definitely holds up better.

The fabric does not fade and change colors, I even left mine out last winter by mistake, a long snow filled winter here in Maine, and I went to pick up what I thought would be a piece of camo I could use and the blind was completely collapsed. When I picked the ground blind up, it went right back to shape and was ready to use again. I can tell you that I do this for a living and you hands down have created the best blind on the market.

Anyway, thank you for all the animals I have harvested for my wall and dinner table and I look forward to trying the new blinds you have come out with this year!

Blaine Anthony

   – Blaine Anthony
     Professional Hunter-(NAS) North American Safari TV host


Well mother nature threw me and dad a curve ball for the WI "B" season by providing 8 inches of wet heavy snow. After a full night of worrying about how my Covert blind would hold up to the weight, I was shocked to see the center hub of the roof touching the ground. I crawled in and got the hub in the middle of back and slowly stood up and POP the snow fell off and the blind held true..IMPRESSIVE!
About 10 AM we had this nice tom come in and my dad made the shot. Thank You COVERT for such a great product.

   – Pat Howard
     Monster Raxx Pro Staff


"The feature where the Command Post blind truly shines is the price. We think you’ll be hard pressed to find a blind on the market that provides this much quality with so much room for so little of a price. High quality waterproof fabric and strong fiberglass connectors in a total concealment package. The size and features of this blind rivals those of $300 and $400 blinds. If you want a blind that is easy to set-up / take down, is easy to store with features that are very comparable to other blinds on the market for literally half the price? You’ll want to check out the Command Post from Covert Hunting Blinds. Tell ‘em The Heritage Hunters sent ya!"

   – Dale Smith
     Heritage Hunters


I've enjoyed hunting out of my Covert blinds for several years now. They are a must have when taking kids out in the woods. I have a 9 year old daughter and an 11 year old son that I take turkey hunting every spring. The blind allows the kids to move around without being seen by the turkeys and also allows us great protection from the spring showers. Another reason I enjoy my Covert blinds is the simple fact I enjoy archery hunting for deer and turkey. It is nearly impossible to shoot a turkey with archery equipment without a blind, and my Covert has never let me down. Both deer and turkey have come within feet of the blind without ever knowing we were there.

   – Mike Pearson
     COVERT Pro Staff


We had been seeing some really nice bucks coming out of the woods and making their way to one of our Honey Hole food plots and some standing corn. We needed to set up in the standing corn so we could get within range, so the morning before Thanksgiving, my husband, Brian, set up your Covert Blind. Within minutes he had the blind set up and brushed in. That afternoon, it was brutually cold, windy, with sleet and snow, but my husband and I along with all our gear were protected against the elements in the blind. About an hour into the hunt, this big buck stepped out and I was able to get this 13 pt 150" buck! Thank you for making such a great blind!

   – Tara Seiler


Affordable, durable and quality are three words to describe the Covert Hunting Blind. Was amazed to see my blind still standing after being subjected to sustained winds of 30 - 35 mph and gusts over 40 mph for nearly a week during the 2008 spring turkey season in WI. After my daughter harvested her first tom using the Covert Blind, my brother and I decided to give it a try during a thunderstorm. The blind performed flawlessly, as we hunted in a couple of thunderstorms in which we received torrential down pours and again high winds. The blind was rock solid, and kept us and our gear dry. Once the storms broke, we were awarded with a nice tom. There is no way we could have hunted in those conditions without using a blind. Covert is my choice for hunting blinds.

   – Dan Pearson


I have been using the Covert Command Post for that past few Falls in the Deer woods. This is a great blind at a fraction of the cost of the competition's similar blind. The price was so low I bought two for the price of one competitor blind. I always leave one Covert blind in my truck all Fall and Spring, because you never know when you will need to adapt to the ever changing movement of the whitetail deer or turkey. The Covert Command Post allows me to stay versatile and the blind is so simple, it literally takes seconds to set up. Just brush it in and you are ready to go. This past Spring our IDO film crew spent hours in the New Covert Command Post XL filming our turkey hunts. You wanna talk about room.  Wow, we had 3 guys, camera gear, hunting gear for 2 hunters with all the calls, packs, etc. and we still had way more then enough room in there. The windows in the Command Post XL are huge and makes it very easy to film and hunt out of without constantly having fabric getting in the way of the hunter or camera lens. We are definitely looking forward to this Fall and using the Covert Hunting blinds to keep us versatile and close to the action.

   – Rob Stenger
     In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staff
     Upper Midwest


Hunting provides a welcome respite at any time but none more so than these tough economic times.  Getting the best hunting gear one can afford usually meant spending a week’s pay check on a quality hunting blind but that has all changed with the Command Post hunting blind by Covert Tactical Hunter Gear.  There is no quality sacrifice with the Command Post – only savings of your hard earned dollars. 
The Command Post hunting blind provides all the benefits of the some of the most expensive hunting blinds on the market today but without the high price tag.  This blind is large enough at 60”SQ X 67”H for any bow or gun hunting that needs to be done while keeping you concealed in absolutely one of the best camouflage patterns for spring turkey or fall deer.  The Command Post is a rugged, well built pop-up hub blind offering a blacked-out interior with shoot through mesh windows and even a roof that zips opens for pass shooting waterfowl.
I’ve had turkeys at 13 feet from my blind that showed no nervousness or care while feeding completely around me.  The Command Post is large enough for you and your hunting buddy along with all the gear necessary for the hunt like comfy chairs, bags, cases . . . plus lunch! 
I can’t wait to use this great blind for the upcoming deer season.  To me, a hunter with 40 years in the field, it’s a no-brainer and given my age of 57, I can still carry this blind in it’s bag at 18lbs. for the 1.75 mile hike into my hunting territory without a visit to the chiropractor the next day.  It’s that easy.
Thank you Covert Tactical Hunting Gear for a super quality hunting blind at half the cost of the big boys.  There’s no sacrifice here . . . only success in the field.

   – Tom Morrison
     Outdoor Writer-Southwestern Ontario Bow & Gun
     Ontario, Canada