Why choose a Covert hunting blind?
The covert hunting blind offers premium materials and all the features you will find on the expensive hunting blinds at an affordable price.

How long does it take to setup the Covert hunting blind?
With limited practice the Covert hunting blind can be setup easily in 1-2 minutes.

What type of frame does the Covert hunting blind have?
The Covert hunting blind has a collapsible Hub style frame.

Are tools required to setup the Covert hunting blind?
No. The covert hunting blind is completely self-contained with hinged connecting rods. The ground stakes may be the only place you wish to use a small hand tool.

How many people can hunt from a Covert hunting blind?
The Covert hunting blind is large enough for two adults. The Covert hunting blind is a great way to introduce new adult and youth hunters to the great outdoors. Be sure you have enough space for all individuals to operate in a safe manner.

Is the Covert hunting blind water resistant?
The Covert hunting blind is manufactured from a water repellent Denier fabric

What is the Covert hunting blind V2 technology?
The Covert hunting blind incorporates Vital Vision technology. The design layout of the window openings provide critical viewing in all directions.

How many windows should I have open in the Covert hunting blind while hunting?
Use only the windows you need while hunting in the Covert hunting blind. The more windows you keep closed in the hunting blind the darker the interior will be allowing you to remain undetected.

Are the windows of the Covert hunting blind shoot through?
All Covert hunting blinds have replaceable shoot through mesh on the windows.

What can you shoot through the window mesh with?
The covert hunting blind windows can be shot through with a gun or a bow.

Do I have to use the shoot through mesh on the hunting blind windows?
No. Many people prefer to have a couple windows completely open on the hunting blind. If you have only a few windows open the dark interior will hide your movements and eliminate the need for mesh on the windows.

What type of terrain can the covert hunting blind be used in?
The camouflage on the covert hunting blind is designed to blend with all types of tree, brush and rock backgrounds.
The covert hunting blinds have been used successfully from the woods of Wisconsin to the mountains of Wyoming and many other locations throughout the US and Canada.

When should I add additional native brush to the Covert hunting blind?
Typically you want to blend the Covert hunting blind to the surroundings. If you are setting up the hunting blind in heavy cover then add additional native items to blend the hunting blind with the cover.
If you are setting up the hunting blind in open areas it is often best to keep the exterior of the blind clean and free of items that are not natural to your immediate surroundings.

Do the Covert hunting blinds have scent control?
All Covert hunting blinds are lined with a carbon fabric to contain scent.

What type of Covert hunting can be done with a covert hunting blind?
The covert hunting blind can be used for turkey hunting, deer hunting, waterfowl hunting and birdwatching.

Howlong should the Covert hunting blind be setup before hunting from it?
If possible it is always good to let the game become familiar and comfortable with the covert hunting blind before hunting from it. This is not a requirement and many hunters have great success with setting up the blind the morning of their hunt.

How long can the blind remain setup?
Depending on weather conditions the Covert hunting blind can remain setup for multiple days. It is obviously up to the hunter to determine how much damage may occur to the hunting blind from wind, sleet and snow. DO NOT leave the hunting blind setup permanently.

Can the Covert hunting blind be used for other recreational activities?
Yes. The covert hunting blind is useful for camping and ice fishing.

Can portable heaters be used in the Covert hunting blind?
Yes. The portable heaters can be used in the Covert hunting blinds provided the heaters are kept far enough from all walls to prevent any damage.

What should be done to the Covert hunting blind before storing?
The covert hunting blind should be free of moisture and debris before storage. Make sure the blind is completely dry before placing in the carrying pack.

Is there a warranty with the Covert hunting blind?
The Covert hunting blind has a limited lifetime warranty of one year to the original purchaser. After this period, replacement parts are available for any necessary repairs.

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